ACG San Diego offers several special networks within our organization

  • NextGen
  • PowerLink
  • Private Company Forum
  • Private Equity Advisory Council
  • Public Policy

ACG San Diego NextGen is a group for young professionals and executives approximately 30-40 years of age with a minimum of five years of experience in their current field.

ACG SD PowerLink offers an opportunity to meet other members and guests of monthly breakfast meetings. An ACG SD PowerLink meeting consists of three to four like-minded* individuals.

Private Company Forum (PCF) is a committee in ACG San Diego that focuses on bringing deal education to Business Owners and C-Levels. To this end, the committee produces two programs a year and 4 Brown Bag lunches per year that are focused on education and resources.

The Private Equity Advisory Council is a resource group within ACG San Diego established to develop and provide information about the private equity industry and its contributions to the long-term growth of the U.S. economy.

ACGSD Public Policy

Members of ACG’s Public Policy Committee serve as the thought leaders and voice for the middle market. If you have an interest in serving on the Public Policy Committee, and are a current ACG member, please contact Sean Greene.