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June 20, 2023 4 PM - 6 PM PDT

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Come enjoy a happy hour at Lomas Santa Fe Country Club and hear from the leaders and members of ACG San Diego’s effort to reach business owners and CEOs – a peer advisory group for M&A, capital raising, and growing company value, titled CEO Circle.

Key Takeaways: 

  • What is CEO Circle and how was it started?
  • What happens in a CEO Circle meeting?
  • Why do CEOs join a CEO Circle and what do they get out of it?
  • How do I nominate a CEO?


  • John Morris - Executive Coach & Co-Founder, CEO Circle
  • Greg Moser - Founder & CEO, ShipCalm
  • Patrick Schmidle - Founder & CEO, CARI Health


  • John Foley - Co-Founder & CEO, Arrow Up Partners


John Morris

John Morris

CEO Circle
Executive Coach & Co-Founder

With nearly 40 years of diverse business experience as an executive coach, a venture capital partner, a middle market investment banker, an angel investor, and a CFO, John brings a wealth of experience to CEO Circle members. He focuses on sharing his passion for coaching business leaders and entrepreneurs in a peer advisory group format to get better results for both personal and professional growth.

Greg Moser, ShipCalm

Greg Moser

Founder & CEO

Greg is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and growth strategist who leverages more than 20 years of e-Commerce, marketing, and software development experience. Greg is currently at the helm of ShipCalm – an E-Commerce fulfillment company and third-party operations & logistics provider – where he steers the company’s growth strategy to further penetrate the $3.3 trillion e-Commerce market.

Patrick Schmidle, CARI Health

Patrick Schmidle

CARI Health
Founder & CEO

Patrick is an entrepreneur and business leader with a passion for guiding companies to achieve extraordinary results. Over the course of his career Patrick has built and led many teams in many environments, including start-ups, mid-sized privately held companies as well as large, publicly traded companies. Patrick currently leads CARI Health, a company developing wearable remote medication monitoring, enabling clinicians to view medication levels in real-time, customize dosages for patients, and keep them on life-saving medications.

John Foley

John Foley (Moderator)

Arrow Up Partners
Co-Founder & CEO

John is a senior integrated marketing, strategist, and creative partner for senior-level executives at middle market companies for over 15 years. Earlier in his career, John led large-scale integrated marketing and creative initiatives for Fortune 500 companies.

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