ACG San Diego: Knowledge Assets: How They Affect the Value & Transferability of Your Business

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January 8, 2019 11:30 AM - 1 PM PST

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ACGSD Jan 2019 BrownBag
How They Affect the Value & Transferability of Your Business
Tuesday, Jan 8, 2019   11:30am - 1:00pm
Procopio Del Mar
12544 High Bluff Drive, 4th floor, San Diego 92130
Seminar with Lunch


David Noosinow

David Noosinow - MODERATOR

Advice Period

David Noosinow has significant experience in wealth transfer, investment planning, mergers and acquisitions, and exit strategies, having worked closely with successful entrepreneurs and families with privately-owned companies. His unique perspective helps business owners mitigate potential issues and find the best course of action.  Before joining AdvicePeriod, David was a Senior Director at BNY Mellon Wealth Management and Vice President at Bernstein Global Wealth Management, where he was able to establish himself as a trusted advisor in the previously untapped markets of Atlanta, Georgia and, Lexington and Louisville, Kentucky. He also enjoyed a successful career trading stocks and junk bonds with Bear Stearns and was a General Partner and Founder of Spartan Capital Management.  He lives in San Diego with his family and enjoys yoga, cycling, skiing, and learning how to ride his SUP on a wave.

Darren Cecil

Darren Cecil

Enrich Sales

Darren Cecil is president and owner of Enrich Sales, Inc., where he helps CEOs, sales managers, and sales people take control of the sales process. He focuses on shortening sales cycle times, eliminating the frustrations and disappointments of an erratic sales process, and implementing a selling system that produces predictable and consistent results, while protecting all parties involved.  Darren has worked with many major corporations, such as Qualcomm, Mercer, General Electric, IBM, Texas Instruments, Barney and Barney, Global Foundry Toyota, Genoptix and the National Football League.  He has also worked with several San Diego-based companies, entrepreneurs, and professionals responsible for bringing in business, yet do not perceive themselves as sales people.  He is known for his effective and appropriate use of humor, and for specializing in “entertrainment.”

Susie Japs

Susie Japs

Managing Director

Susie Japs is a successful Talent Strategist based in San Diego, California. She leads Wejungo, a boutique management consulting firm that teaches businesses how to better attract, interview, hire, retain and increase the value of employees by creating customized strategic workforce processes. To date, Susie has trained thousands of business leaders and is best known for advising them on how to leverage their top talent to achieve long-term business objectives. Her areas of specialty include: talent strategy, recruiting and hiring solutions, strategic workforce planning, and succession planning for small and mid-sized businesses.  When she is not helping companies succeed, you will find Susie traveling around the world, camping, fishing, and spending time with her husband and two boys.

James E. Tenuto

James E. Tenuto

Renaissance Executive Forums

James E. Tenuto (Jim) brings over thirty years of leadership and management experience to Renaissance Executive Forums, and has held a number of sales, management, and senior management positions in the financial services industry. Previously, Jim graduated from the United States Naval Academy and served onboard USS Wichita (AOR-1) as a shipboard officer, and then as an instructor at the Surface Warfare Officers School. After the Navy, he joined Merrill Lynch. Jim has been named the Executive Forums business partner of the year, has twice won the member retention award, and has been honored three times as the Spirit of Excellence winner. Jim lives in Rancho Bernardo with his wife and has two grown children. He is an avid fly fisherman and enjoys upland bird hunting, cigars, and reading.

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If you are thinking of selling your business or taking on a financial partner in the next five years, you need to understand how investors evaluate your firm's Knowledge Assets, the intellectual capital of your business.

What are Knowledge Assets?
“Simply put, they are talent, skills, know-how, know-what, and relationships - and machines and networks that embody them - that can be used to create wealth.” -Thomas A. Stewart, author of the ‘The Wealth of Knowledge’

What makes Knowledge Assets so important comes down to the Four Cs:

  • Human Capital
  • Structural Capital
  • Customer Capital
  • Social Capital

Transferability of your business is the key:

  • Is your business transferable?
  • Is your talent transferable?
  • Are your customer relationships transferable?
  • Are your processes and technologies transferable?
  • Is your culture so deep that integrating your team into your buyer’s business would raise the bar, providing them the opportunity to perform as you do?

Benefits of attending

  • Understand how the Four Cs can help you create a more valuable and transferable business.
  • Learn to communicate how you have identified the intellectual capital and the Four Cs of your business, to help you get the most value for your business by demonstrating to buyers that there is real substance to your firm to validate your financials.
  • Our expert panelists will discuss the important details of intellectual capital and the Four Cs through a thorough discussion of the importance of each.
  • How to communicate and document the knowledge assets of your company to create a more transferable business.

Come, listen and participate with our panel of experts and how you can create a more transferable and valuable business using the Four Cs.

Susie Japs - Managing Director, Wejungo
Jim Tenuto - CEO, Renaissance Executive Forums
Darren Cecil - President,  Enrich Sales  

David Noosinow -  Partner , Advice Period

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(Includes boxed lunch)

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