Sponsorship Opportunities

Guidelines for Sponsors

As the premier association for executives, ACG has a long tradition of excellence in all of its activities. Because ACG monthly meetings, programs and speakers are organized by members, they present information that Private Equity and Merger and Acquisition Professionals want and need to have. These activities are highly valued by those who attend because they are objective and unbiased. It is in the best interest of members, non-members who attend our activities, ACG as an organization and our Sponsors, that the integrity of our activities is maintained at all times.

ACG has, therefore, developed the following guidelines that apply to all Sponsors whose representatives attend and participate in our conference:

1. Representatives of our Sponsors should refrain from disparaging competitors, including those who may not be represented at the activity.

2. ACG believes that the best sell is a soft sell – perhaps even a “no sell”. Because Corporate and Private Equity executives are much sought after by providers of products and services, they often respond negatively to blatant self-promotion. However, they are clearly interested in information that will help them serve their companies better, or help their firms deal with specific issues.

3. Finally, all Sponsor activity should be done in a professional manner.

Sponsorship by your firm has been sought because of the quality and professionalism of you and your organization. Your fellow Sponsors of ACG will also be aware of these guidelines, and they will be of the same high caliber and professionalism as yourself. Thank you for supporting the South Florida Chapter of ACG.

(ACGSF reserves the right to revoke a sponsorship due to unprofessional behavior by participants. This includes disparaging competitors, pressured sell tactics etc. This is an extreme action and would only take place after warnings regarding problems have been issued.)

Annual and Event Sponsorship Opportunities: 

ACG South Florida provides exposure and engagement with companies, financing sources, intermediaries and professionals working in the middle market, generally defined as businesses generating revenues ranging from $50 million to $500 million.

We have many options available. Please contact our Chapter Administrator, Elena Djakonova (edjakonova@acg.org), for additional information about sponsorship.


About ACG and ACG South Florida

ACG is a global organization that assists its members in developing and implementing strategies for business growth and development. In its 50 plus years of existence, ACG’s members have enjoyed opportunities for networking, deal making, personal growth, and professional development, relating to M&A, corporate finance, strategic alliances, business development, recruitment of managerial and professional talent and other business related matters.

The South Florida Chapter of ACG has experienced significant growth in recent years and close to 200 members. The Chapter holds networking events and thought leadership programs that feature prominent speakers on business and growth related topics that alternate between Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties to accommodate the geographical diversity of its membership. We also have robust YACG and Women Connect Networks catered to the needs and interests of our broad demographics.

Please contact Elena Djakonova for more information and to inquire about specific events: edjakonova@acg.org