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ACG St. Louis offers individual memberships for $695/annually.  New members, ages 40 and under, will receive a discounted rate of $595 for their first year of membership.  

Maintaining a productive, dynamic organization is our top priority therefore ACG St. Louis is an approval chapter.  The Board of Directors and Membership Committee work diligently to ensure that each prospect applying for membership is properly vetted.  Upon receiving your application for membership, there will be approximately a 30 - 45 day wait while the Membership Committee reviews your application.

Your active participation is important, so in St. Louis, your annual membership dues pre-pay most of the 30+ local meetings.  A schedule of upcoming events and online registration is available on the website.  ACG policy states that memberships are strictly personal – they do not belong to the company and no substitutions are allowed.   

If you have additional questions about ACG St. Louis, please contact Membership Chair, Christy Oldani, BKD, at (314) 231-5544 or Amy Ruebsam, Executive Director, at (314) 862-6751. 



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Renewing your membership is fast and easy

  1. Login to your ACG account using your email address and password. (Forgot your password?)
  2. Once logged in, click the red message "Your Membership Expires" to access your membership invoice.
  3. Click "Add to Cart" and follow the checkout process to enter payment.
  4. Continue enjoying all of your exclusive member benefits like those highlighted below.

Five Reasons to Renew Your ACG Membership

  1. Exclusive member pricing for ACG’s 1,200+ chapter events, ACG Capital Connections, InterGrowth and EuroGrowth.

  2. Access to the ACG member directory of over 14,500 M&A professionals across the globe–featuring your personal, professional profile and photograph.
  3. Access to ACG CapitalLink, powered by PitchBook Lite, providing up-to-date M&A data. 
  4. From Capitol Hill to your backyard, ACG tirelessly advocates to ensure the middle market remains the thriving engine of the U.S. economy.
  5. Middle Market Growth and M&A magazines with in-depth insight critical business intelligence.

  6. Don't let your membership and these incredible benefits lapse!


If you have any questions about your membership renewal process please contact ACG Global at