Join ACG St. Louis

ACG St. Louis offers individual memberships for $750/annually.  New members, ages 40 and under, will receive a discounted rate of $650 for their first year of membership.

You are a candidate for ACG St. Louis membership if you:

  • Hold a senior level management position within your organization (C-level, President, VP, Director); OR
  • Are a partner, principal, or managing director in a professional services firm, or you are a senior consultant on the "partner track"; OR
  • You are a corporate development officer, or you hold a position that is primarily responsible for growth within your organization; OR
  • Your employer is a corporate sponsor of ACG and has selected you for one of the complimentary memberships, and you have a minimum of five years experience in your field.

Maintaining a productive, dynamic organization is our top priority therefore ACG St. Louis is an approval chapter.  The Board of Directors and Membership Committee work diligently to ensure that each prospect applying for membership is properly vetted.  Upon receiving your application for membership, there will be approximately a 30 - 45 day wait while the Membership Committee reviews your application.

Your active participation is important.  Registration fees to ACG St. Louis monthly breakfast meetings, the Elite Speaker Series, and various peer groups and social events are free for members.  A schedule of upcoming events and online registration is available on the website.  ACG policy states that memberships are strictly personal – they do not belong to the company and no substitutions are allowed.   

If you have additional questions about ACG St. Louis, please contact Membership Chair, Mandy Fritz, PNC, at or Amy Ruebsam, Executive Director, at