2024 ACG WI | Manufacturing Skilled Trades Panel Discussion

ACG Wisconsin Feb. 2024 Program

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February 9, 2024 11:15 AM - 1:15 PM CST

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Join ACG Wisconsin for a dynamic event focused on the future of skilled trades in America! 

This expert panel discussion will explore the crucial role of education and mentorship in bridging the skills gap within the general manufacturing sector, highlighting how these initiatives shape the next generation of skilled workers and contribute to America's industrial growth and innovation. Ideal for industry professionals, or enthusiasts of American manufacturing, this event offers unique insights, networking opportunities, and ways to be involved in building America's manufacturing future. Panelists include:

Wade Goodsell, COO and Vice President, Membership & Partnerships, WMC; Executive Director, WMC Foundation (Moderator)
Bill Berrien, CEO, Pindel Global Precision
Dave Hataj, President/Owner and Founder of Craftsman with Character, Edgerton Gear
Deb Prowse, Career Academy Coach, Beloit Memorial High School
Stephanie Reisner, President and CEO, GPS Education Partners

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This event is for ACG members, their guests, and prospective members. 

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Event Materials

Event Materials


11:15 AM: Registration and networking
12:00 PM: Lunch
12:25 PM: Welcome and presentation
  1:15 PM: Meeting adjourns


Enjoy free parking at the Italian Community Center in the large surface lot. 
The meeting will be held in the Festa Ballroom.