Chapter Awards

Chapter of the Year 2017

Congratulations to 2017 winners ACG Atlanta, ACG Western Michigan, and ACG San Diego!

“Each and every year, ACG’s chapter executives and volunteers work tirelessly to make the member experience a memorable and enduring one,” said Pat Morris, ACG Global President and CEO. “The three chapters selected had a banner year in delivering innovation, exceptional programming and networking opportunities to their members, which resulted in impressive membership growth and retention rates.”

Featured Award Winner: Melanie Brandt

Melanie Brandt, president & CEO of ACG Atlanta, has been selected as the recipient of the ACG President’s Award for Excellence and Achievement by an ACG Chapter Executive. The annual award recognizes a single ACG chapter executive for length of service coupled with outstanding performance as an association professional. During Brandt’s five years with ACG Atlanta, the chapter has experienced remarkable growth and success.