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Thank you for being part of ACG’s vibrant deal-making community. We hope you take advantage of these offers that have been provided by our partners. Select offers have additional perks reserved exclusively for our members.







Faster. Safer. Touchless. ACG members can access CLEAR for less. Make current travel safer and future travel easier. Join CLEAR’s nationwide network for touchless experiences at the airport and other select venues. Start your easy, one-time enrollment online, then finish at a CLEAR location – no appointment necessary. All you need is a valid government-issued ID. Once you’ve completed your enrollment, you can use CLEAR right away.  



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Epg is a dynamic Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) that can help ACG Members leverage over $60B in purchasing power to negotiate some of the lowest rates on popular business services like UPS, Maersk, and many others.  ACG Members are pre-approved for a free membership to epg. 

Benefits of epg:

· Substantial and immediate savings for your entire portfolio

· UPS and DHL discounts of over 86%

· No minimum purchase requirements

· Bypass RFPs and lengthy carrier negotiations

Don't delay on epg's strategic supply chain solution that is guaranteed to deliver long-term cost savings.  

  • Click the link and redeem your free membership now - Click Here 





FoundersCard is well known for its travel benefits, but also offers generous discounts on mobile phone plans, shipping and even your favorite beverages – from wine to water. Participating brands include: Stripe, Dell, adidas®, UPS ®, FIJI Water, Molton Brown, Soos, Adobe and more. 

  • ACG members can receive a six-month free trial now. Click the link and redeem your code - Click Here 


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Grata is a modern company search engine for proprietary deal sourcing, market mapping, and targeted B2B campaigns. Technology is making deal-sourcing faster and more precise, and Grata has the potential to be one of the most powerful tools in your process. ACG members can unlock exclusive savings on Grata subscriptions.  

  • Click the link and redeem your exclusive savings on a Grata subscription for being an ACG Member - Click Here