Member News: Boston Attorney, Business Leader Launches Portside Capital Solutions


Daniela Messina combines her legal, business development and investor relations expertise to provide results and growth for corporate, private equity and family office clients.

Daniela Messina

Accomplished Boston attorney and private equity executive, Daniela Messina, has founded Portside Capital Solutions to provide strategic counsel to private equity funds, single and multi-family offices, emerging funds, independent sponsors and corporate clients.

Messina is an accomplished attorney and executive with a varied background in private equity and family offices, government, politics, investor relations, business development and corporate and crisis communications. She combines her wide-ranging experiences across many industries with a professional network of national leaders in the public and private sector to produce effective results for clients to help them achieve their goals.

“Portside Capital Solutions brings together my decades of experience and expertise with highly personalized and targeted counsel to help clients source deals, raise capital and provide value to dealmakers across various industries. I’m committed to recognizing meaningful synergies and connecting dealmaking stakeholders with a purpose,” said Messina.