PODS (Professionals Opening Doors)

The traditional committee structure has long existed across associations, where members volunteer their time to give back to an organization, building deeper relationships working alongside fellow members.  Despite huge shifts in work life culture, technology emersion, event planning practices, and greater demands for our time, this model has remained relatively unchanged - until now.  

Introducing ACG Boston PODS (Professionals Opening Doors) - members-only, member-led peer groups, brought together by similar interests/areas of focus.  Similar to a traditional committee, PODS allow members to forge deeper relationships with peers in smaller groups through regular engagement.  Distinctively, PODS are less focused on planning calendared ACG Boston’s events, but instead, are meant to nurture and strengthen our community, helping members build deeper, more relevant connections.  

What is a POD?

Intended to be additive to ACG Boston’s regular events, assigned POD leaders will organize a group of members with a shared area of focus (ex: healthcare, lower middle market, family offices, etc) to regularly gather in person or virtually on their own time.  This is not intended to be a heavy lift- groups can agree to meet for occasional happy hours, virtual coffee, or take turns hosting lunch for the group in their offices.  

What to Expect

  • Each POD will have 1-2 volunteer leads, determined by ACG Boston team, responsible for managing the group.  ACG helps to develop and keep track of POD members, but POD leaders will coordinate meeting schedules & planning.  
  • PODS are open to ACG members only, and participants will be vetted to ensure they fit the criteria of the group focus (ex: must have healthcare focus to join the healthcare POD).  If a participant’s membership lapses, they will no longer be able to participate in the group.  
  • We recommend PODs aim to meet 1x each month, in person or virtually.   Any costs associated with the group meetings are the responsibility of the members.  
  • Meeting formats can be determined by the group, but we recommend including a combination of round robin intros/sharing updates, industry discussion or networking.  

The Fine Print

  • Approved PODS will be determined by the ACG Boston Advisory Board.  Ideas for new groups will be considered, but not guaranteed.  
  • Ideas for ACG’s regular calendared events will still occasionally be crowd sourced among relevant PODS, allowing members to contribute ideas and feedback to the larger chapter.  
  • Members are limited to participating in 1 POD at a time.  We recommend choosing the group most relevant to your interests.  You will have the option to switch to a different POD as interests change.  
  • Advertising or selling of services within the PODS is strictly prohibited.  A code of conduct will be provided and signed by all participants.  

How Do I Join a POD?

If you are a confirmed ACG Boston member: 

Click here to submit an application

If you would like to start a new POD, please indicate that on the form and we will reach out to discuss.  Contact acgboston@acg.org with any questions.

Current PODS

  • Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Family Office (must be an SFO to join the group)
  • Lower Middle Market (capital provider or advisor to LMM companies)

And more to come.