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Seventy-five percent of ACG members report that they have done business with fellow members. This return on investment has made ACG the most trusted and respected resource for middle-market deal-makers and business leaders who invest in growth and build companies.

Why Join ACG Connecticut?  

    * ACG CT is the premier association for middle market dealmakers serving the Connecticut area. 
    * Membership with ACG CT gives you exclusive access to invitation-only events, reduced registration fees, special promotions, and much more. 
    *  Monthly meetings where experts present on timely and pertinent issues
    * Access to complete list of event attendees prior to any event for which you are registered
    * Discounted registration rates to all events, special incentives & promotions just for members
    * Invitations to special members-only events
    * Access to member contact information in our online Member Directory of 14,000 ACG HQ members, facilitating the exchange of professional information and industry expertise
    * A subscription to the monthly ACG publication, MMG
    * Unlimited access to online resources including Capital Link powered by Pitchbook. 
    * Access to ACG national resources, including the yearly ACG InterGrowth conference
    * Networking, Networking, Networking!

Founders Card: ACG members can now access a free trial of the Founders Card for six months. Founders Card is well known for its travel benefits, but also offers generous discounts on mobile phone plans, shipping and even find your favorite beverages – from wine to water! Some of the benefits that Founders members are currently taking advantage of include: Stripe, Dell, adidas®, UPS ®, FIJI Water, Molton Brown, Soos and Adobe. Join ACG to claim your benefit today. 

CLEAR: Faster. Safer. Touchless. ACG members can access Clear for less. Make current travel safer and future travel easier! Join Clear’s nationwide network for touchless experiences at the airport, select venues, and more. Start your easy, one-time enrollment online, then finish at a CLEAR location - no appointment necessary! All you need is a valid government-issued ID. Once you’ve completed your enrollment, you can use CLEAR right away. Join ACG to claim your benefit today. 

New Partnerships

Grata: ACG has established a partnership with Grata, a modern company search engine for proprietary deal sourcing and targeted B2B campaigns. Grata offers its subscribers powerful intelligence to identify potential deal targets within specific industries and inform future dealmaking decisions. In February, ACG and Grata will launch Next Target, a new newsletter, which will bring members industry-specific trends and insights to help identify where investment opportunities are emerging and how to find those targets. ACG kicked off the partnership with the Middle Market Growth's 2021 Guide to Deal-Making, a special edition that was just released and features trends from the Grata platform, as well as insights from more than 600 deal-makers in the ACG community that participated in our surveys. Listen to the expanded conversations on the topics at the ACG Winter Summit in three sessions on virtual care3D printing and Chatbots hosted by Grata Co-Founder and COO Nevin Raj. ACG members get access to enhanced subscription options for Grata’s platform. Learn more here

Cambridge FX: ACG established this endorsed partnership, the proceeds of which include a revenue share for chapters. For more than three decades, Cambridge FX has been a leading provider of comprehensive and fully integrated cross-border payment and currency risk management solutions for middle-market businesses and private equity companies. Cambridge is proud to be the exclusive endorsed partner of FX risk management and global payments for ACG and its members. Learn more during a free consultation.

New Ways to Advance Your Career

Cement your place within the community with a middle-market M&A certification course! With the Middle Market Professional certification program, you'll quickly master critical concepts centered on M&A, private equity, investment banking, accounting, corporate finance advisory, valuation and other financial services fields. Then, pass the certification test, improving your visibility within the middle market.

Expect the Middle-Market Professional certification program to cover:

  • Financial Markets Overview 
  • Financial Statement Analysis and Financial Projections
  • Comprehensive Valuation Analysis
  • How to Create Robust Financial Models
  • Merger Modeling
  • The M&A Process, A-Z
  • Regulatory, Legal and Ethical Considerations

Strength In Numbers
Teams do it better when they're prepared–and the Middle Market Professional certification program offers the lessons and preparation required to help you and your team exceed in the middle market. What's more, you can all excel at a STEEP discount. Test your team’s knowledge, and each member of your team will have a rewarding certification and an improved acumen. Best of all, join with four other peers, and you'll pay $1,500 each instead of $1,895. Join with nine other peers, and you'll each pay just $1,250—a savings of more than $600.


Please note:  ACG Memberships are individually-based and should a member leave your organization, the ACG membership remains with the individual.  Substitutions for memberships are not permitted.