DFW Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of members from various industries and categories, who help keep ACG DFW running smoothly and provided the right value to it's members. 


Rachel Ludicke

Westwood Professional Services
President Elect

Abby Fuqua

Venturity Financial Partners

Ryan Irby

Immediate Past President

Daniel Boarder

Whitley Penn, LLP
Director - Private Equity

Brendan Achariyakosol

Evolute Capital
Vice President Membership

Kent Barner

CIO Suite
Vice President Sponsorship

Ethan Boothe

Committee Member

Oliver Cone

Bulkley Capital, L.P.
Chair - Women's Group

Jennifer Cuello

Director - Family Office

Mark LaGrone

Bright Equities
Vice President Special Events

Amanda Foyt

Crossfirst Bank
Chair - Young Professionals

Kayla Marsh

Vice President Marketing

Alex Olano

Trajectory America Inc.
Vice President - Networking

Benjamin Riemer

Bell Nunnally
Vice President Programs

Preston Roush

Texas Capital Bank
Director - Investment Bank

Lindsey Wendler

Dresner Partners
Executive Director

Brittany Timmerman

ACG Dallas Fort Worth

Erika McLeod

ACG Dallas Fort Worth