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Alex Olano
Trajectory, Inc.

Throughout 2021 a trending topic in the news has been the migration of big technology companies from California to Texas. Silicon Valley has been the epicentre of the tech industry for decades, but

Haynes & Boone

Outside directors, private equity managers, and others often use third-party email accounts to conduct business for the companies they oversee and manage. For example, an outside director of Company X

Trajectory Inc.

Private Equity firms need new ways to construct PortCo value. The savviest firms are now focusing on operational improvement initiatives such as Digital Transformation. Strategies deployed often

Trajectory Inc.

The days of financial engineering to improve the perception of portfolio company performance are a distant memory, now replaced with tangible operational improvement initiatives such as technology

CBIZ Valuation Group

During the virtual panel discussion "2020 [RE]VISION: Texas M&A". During the event, attendees were polled: what is the biggest challenge you are facing today? The overwhelming response was how to