Thought Leadership

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Thought Leadership

Changes in healthcare laws and policies can significantly impact valuations, buying and selling of businesses, and strategy. Calvetti Ferguson’s advisory team is a fully integrated team consisting of

Recent developments in Delaware case law highlight the importance for companies of periodically reviewing and updating their corporate governance policies and procedures to protect confidential

Alex Olano

Operational improvement is far more nuanced and involves the effective balancing of technology, management, and human capital elements. Achieving true operational improvement requires the

Chin Yu
Calvetti Ferguson

With the new year well underway, “What will middle market M&A look like in 2023?“ is a question for many buyers and sellers alike. Heavily impacted by macroeconomic factors, mergers and acquisitions


The merger and acquisitions market for the second half of 2022 is expected to see an uptick after a shaky first half resulting from volatility in the market, inflation, and rising interest rates. We