Alto Rideshare Service

DFW Partnership

Alto Car Service

Book a better ride with exclusive promo codes!

As an ACG Member you receive two savings with Alto Rideshare Service. 50% off the Annual Membership for Alto, as well as $5 off 5 rides!


50% off Membership Code: ACGDFWMEMBER

$5 off 5 Rides Code: ACGDFW5OFF5

Codes valid for Alto Members through 12/31/23


How to gain access:

1. Open or download the Alto app (Apple or Google Play).
2. Create an account and join as a member - your first 14 days of membership are free!
3. Select the profile section of the app and tap promotions.
4. Enter the promo code and enjoy your ride!


What makes Alto worth partnering with ACG DFW? 

  • Alto has redefined rideshare with consistent luxury SUVs, professional employee drivers, and a curated experience on every ride.
  • By hiring vetted, uniformed drivers and managing a dedicated fleet of 5-star crash rated luxury SUVs, Alto is upgrading the safety of your rideshare. Alto classifies its drivers as W-2 employees and provides in-depth training so you always get a smooth ride.
  • Alto cars are also cleaned between every ride and safety managed daily.
  • The Alto app acts as your “remote control” to your ride, including the ability to set the “vibe” (music and conversation preferences) and control the lights of the car for easy identification.
  • Currently available in Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Washington D.C., and San Francisco, Alto has plans to bring its elevated ride experience to even more cities in the future. For more information, visit