P.O.D.s (Professionals Opening Doors)

Professionals Opening Doors

Our POD Co-Chairs: Ryan Stuart with Woodforest Bank and Katie Marshall with PNC Business Credit will be your go-tos for PODs! https://www.acg.org/dfw/about/leadership/professionals-opening-doors

PODs Infographic

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How PODs work is simple:

  1. One or two members sponsor the POD, 8 to 10 other members join, and these members meet on a regular basis to build relationships, trade industry intelligence, and share new business leads.
  2. Most PODs meet monthly and stay intact for several years in order to build greater depth & breadth with each member.
  3. PODs are meant to be category exclusive for the members, so each has more depth of reach. (ex. only one Due Diligence professional per POD)


PODs can be industry agnostic, industry exclusive, location specific, or special interest/activing/fun! 

Current PODs:


  • Alpha - Lead: Emily Ackerman
  • Betta - Lead: Kent Barner
  • Zeta - Lead: George Handley
  • Tango - Lead: Steven DeMundo
  • Bravo - Lead: TBD

Location Specific:

  • Fort Worth - Lead: Courtney Lewis
  • North Dallas - Lead: Kelly Anderson

Activity Specific:

  • Wine Appreciation - Lead: Melissa Langley

Industry Specific:

  • Healthcare - Lead: Kayla Marsh
  • Real Estate - Lead: Sarah Waterman

*Note: PODs are restricted to ACG DFW Members only. We continue to grow PODs as requests are received. It may take a month to put together the POD, but it will be worth it! 

Join a POD

If you want to join Location, Activity, or Industry Specific POD - please specify in the "Industry question" below! 

Note: Once you have been placed in a POD, you will hear from our POD Committee Chairs: Ryan Stuart (Woodforest Bank) or Katie Marshall (PNC). If you do not respond for the kickoff, you will be removed from the POD list.