PE Insight: Robust Technology Infrastructure for the new ECommerce Era


If the last couple of years has taught technology operational improvement specialists anything regarding the retail sector, it’s that a retailer’s need for an efficient, reliable and scalable eCommerce technology infrastructure has never been greater.

Read on to learn about recent eCommerce trends, characteristics of the emerging eCommerce era and how one Trajectory Group client, La Bota Roja, quickly implemented a robust eCommerce technology ecosystem to not only keep up, but to set themselves up for future eCommerce success.


Trajectory Group is a boutique business-first technology implementation consultancy focused on helping clients achieve operational improvement via technology transformation.  Following a holistic approach, they assist clients and operators with everything from Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence, Blueprinting, Implementation, and post-Go-Live Managed Services of entire technology ecosystems including ERP, CRM, PSA, eCommerce, and System Integration elements.  Their cross-functional team consisting of experienced business consulting, technical architecture/development, and project management professionals, follow a business understanding above technology-led implementation methodology, in order to deliver high-value solutions to clients for not only current but future value creation.

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