Middle-Market Insights Webinar: What LPs Look for When Competition Heats Up


Sponsored by SourceScrub

LPs are getting really good at separating skill from luck, requiring more information and details from GPs to decide where to invest. As the PE world gets more and more competitive, what does it take to set your fund apart and make an LP feel confident committing capital to your fund?

Managers need to demonstrate vision, execution, and performance, proving past results weren't a fluke. Data, tools, and process are the essentials for demonstrating what you have built is special, and repeatable.

Join us for a conversation with Mary Hunt, Principal at RCP Advisors. Mary is portfolio manager of several of RCP’s emerging manager investment strategies and is responsible for selecting lower middle-market funds.

Attendees Will:

  • Learn what it takes to attract and retain leading LPs
  • Understand what it takes to prove past performance was skill, not luck
  • Get the lowdown on the ways LPs are evaluating managers in this environment