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ACG Houston Young Professionals

YOUNG PROFESSIONALS: A Brand Called You! The Value of Networking

Luke Johnson of Arcline Investment Management and Jeff Henningsen of Lockton discussed the value of strategically approaching the element of Networking. The conversation between these two industry leaders provided insight around their lessons learned, best tactics, response to COVID, and their overall outlook on the future of Networking amongst the Private Equity community. Click here to watch >>

Women's Forum Webinar

WOMEN'S FORUM: New Year, New Perspective: Private Equity in 2021

Franny Jones of The Sterling Group and Meghan Leggett of White Deer Energy share insight into the fundraising and deal making landscape for 2021. The conversation was moderated by Alicia Strickland of Bank of Texas. Click here to watch >>

October Luncheon
OCTOBER LUNCHEON: Deals in the COVID Era: Getting Done, Ready to Launch or On Ice? Featuring: Andy Greenberg, GF Data
After briefly hitting pause during the early stages of the pandemic, deal-making has resumed, albeit with some new twists in the process. In this presentation, Andy Greenberg of GF Data and Greenberg Variations shares his data-driven and battle-tested wisdom. Andy's presentation was followed by moderated Q&A with Tanner Moran and Melinda Jackson. Click here to watch >> Click here to watch >>
September Luncheon
SEPTEMBER LUNCHEON: Bill McKeon, CEO of Texas Medical Center, and Gina Luna
Bill McKeon, President and CEO of the Texas Medical Center discusses how he is leading the largest medical complex in the world through the pandemic and beyond. Local business and civic leader, Gina Luna, moderated a candid and engaging conversation with Bill. Click here to watch >>
Women's Forum Fireside Chat

ACG HOUSTON WOMEN'S FORUM: Fireside Chat with Patti Melcher and Jessica Seff + Virtual Networking

Watch a candid discussion about how deal making has changed during the pandemic, from one of the few female PE founders in the nation, Patti Melcher. The conversation was moderated by Jessica Seff, Vice President at Statesman Business Advisors.

Young Professionals


Wondering how the M&A market is adjusting during these unprecedented times? Our distinguished panel discusses changes in the process and what adjustments were made in order to get the deal across the finish line.
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The Big Pivot
THE BIG PIVOT WEBINAR 2: Resilience: How PE Firms Have Made Strategic Changes During the Quarantine
Our discussion included panelists across the capital markets who have been marketing, conducting due diligence, lending to and closing different opportunities during the quarantine. In this webinar, panelists discussed shifting strategy, how firms are deploying capital differently as well as what types of deals have closed and how.
The Big Pivot
THE BIG PIVOT WEBINAR 1: How Houston Companies Have Pivoted
Our panel of Houston-based CEO's discussed how they have pivoted their company’s offering to produce products or services specific to the COVID response in order to survive or thrive in the changing economy.
Listen as each Congressman gives a legislative update centered around what Congress is doing to continue to help the economy, including trade ramifications as a result of the global pandemic.
Deal of the Year
Congratulations to our 2019-2020 Deal of the Year Award winners! Please enjoy our "stay at home" awards ceremony video. Click here to view >>
Texas M&A
The Texas ACG chapters came together to discuss what the M&A landscape might look like post COVID. Thank you to our panelists: Pat Niekamp, Jeff Eaton, Michael Garner, and Will Liebmann. Click here to view >>