When it comes to leading through adversity, much of our focus lately has been on how leaders and organizations have gotten through COVID-19. But adversity doesn't just come in the form of pandemics

You'd be forgiven for being ever-so-slightly jealous of Paul Edgerley and John Sherman. After all, it's not all of us who can grow up to own the baseball team in their hometown. 

The April 9 ACG

Next time you drive by a used car lot, ask yourself how the cars got there. Not all of them are trade-ins. Many are bought at auction. Thanks to a Kansas City company, the process was made easier with

As crazy as the last 12 months have been for business owners, there have been some positives, and there are certainly many opportunities for growth moving forward this year.

Such was the message

Now that 2020 is, mercifully, behind us, it’s time to move onward and upward—that was the overall message from economist Alan Beaulieu, president of ITR Economics. Beaulieu presented his yearly