“You say you want a revolution—“ these are more than just Beatles lyrics. Today, it’s a way of life in the technology world. And according to Drew Carter, president of Maritz Motivation Solutions in S

The evidence has been in for a while – when it comes to innovation, Kansas City’s small businesses are leaders. What perhaps hasn’t gotten as much attention are the partnerships between larger, corpor

Neal Sharma and Dale Hazlett’s company, DEG, has long been an industry disruptor. Turns out, disruption was the way the two entrepreneurs met while University of Kansas students. They were called out

Ten years into the latest economic upturn has investors wondering, “When does this end?” But many, including the panelists from ACG Kansas City’s February breakfast meeting, remain cautiously optimist

According to Alex Chausovsky, a senior consulting advisor at ITR Economics, the record-setting growth the U.S. economy has enjoyed over the last 27 months is coming to an end. However, the news isn’t