Paul Bommarito asked a famous, or some would say infamous, partner to help him prepare a marketing message to promote his and Bill Briggs’ “Unlocking the Future of Generative AI” presentation at


Chris Long wears at least two leadership hats.

Long is founder of Palmer Square Capital Management and co-owner of the Kansas City Current women’s professional soccer team, a member of the


Grant Gooding made himself into a customer expert by measuring millions of customers for clients in various industries.

Gooding is the founder and CEO of Overland Park-based Proof Positioning


No doubt about it: Consumerism drives much of the U.S. economy and exerts a major influence on our culture.

And marketing is key to directing and responding to consumers’ brand awareness and


Patrick Ottensmeyer wore the flags of Canada, Mexico and the United States when he spoke at ACG’s May 5 breakfast meeting.

Ottensmeyer is the former Kansas City Southern president and CEO. He