Adventure with Venture: A conversation with John Willmoth, Poplar Ventures

April 28 event

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April 28, 2022 11:30 AM - 1 PM EDT

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There's adventure in Venture Capital!

Hear from Poplar Ventures Managing Partner John Willmoth, whose company mission is to build compelling technology companies in middle America. This is how they describe their investment emphasis on their website:

Cloud-based Software: Poplar Ventures invests in companies who deliver B2B software technology services via the cloud using a subscription based business model. The solution doesn’t have to be bleeding edge but it should give the company a unique opportunity to target a new emerging market or to disrupt an existing market. In either case, this means potential for outsized growth.
Middle America: We will invest anywhere in the U.S. but our roots are in middle America and like the fact that companies here tend to be a little more pragmatic. We will not be shy about investing for growth when the conditions warrant, but growing your business in a capital efficient manner works just fine too.
Early Growth: We prefer to invest our initial capital once the company has achieved at least $1 million in annualized recurring revenue. This means better clarity on customer traction and the operating characteristics of the business. Having said that, most of our investments have come from pre-existing relationships, so we do like to get to know entrepreneurs early.
Hear more about John's philosophies and bring your questions on April 28 to the Baird Conference Center, 500 W. Jefferson. RSVP: Questions?



John Willmoth

John Willmoth

Poplar Ventures
Managing Partner
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