Celeste Owens (MODERATOR)

Director of Operations – Private Equity and M&A; SVP, Gallagher Specialty Products

Celeste is an attorney by training whose non-traditional law school experience lead her to the United Nations in Geneva and the Organization of American States division in Washington D.C. In each of these roles, she supported projects that related to international investment agreements, trade, development, and competitiveness. The experiences fostered in her a deep appreciation of the tools and mechanisms – much like mergers and acquisitions insurance – that strengthen commercial relationships and foster much-needed investment and trade, both domestically and globally.

Prior to joining Gallagher, Celeste was as a member of AIG’s M&A Insurance Group, where she developed an intimate understanding of RWI policies and the underwriting process. In addition to English Celeste speaks fluent Spanish, is proficient in Brazilian Portuguese, and can read transaction agreements and financial statements in French.