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Seventy-five percent of ACG members report that they have done business with fellow members. This return on investment has made ACG the most trusted and respected resource for middle-market deal-makers and business leaders who invest in growth and build companies.

Joining ACG LA is an investment in your career, your professional development and your business. As a member, you’ll have access to events, publications, and intelligence, and you’ll be plugged into a business referral network that results in improved deal flow, new client opportunities , and the opportunity to establish powerful relationships.

Membership pays for itself: by attending three monthly meetings and the annual conference, for instance, you’ll have recouped your annual membership fee. More importantly, you’ll make connections through ACG LA that could help you take your business, and your career, to the next level.


  • Monthly Meetings: ACG LA’s monthly chapter meetings feature prominent speakers and expert panels giving their insights into the major issues facing local businesses. 
  • Special Events: ACG LA hosts industry-focused events (such as Apparel and Fashion panels and the Private Equity Roundtable series) and celebrations for members only (such as the annual Taste of Summer and winter holiday party). 
  • ACG LA Annual Business Conference: Each year more than 1,500 industry professionals, executives and financing sources converge in Los Angeles for one of the premier business conferences in the country. 
  • Intergrowth Annual Conference: The ACG Intergrowth Conference provides a rare opportunity for informal deal exchange and networking with more than 1,200 leading professionals. 

Access to Other Members and Chapters 

< >ACG Member Directory: ACG’s member directory provides an online networking system that allows ACG LA members to connect with other ACG business leaders around the globe.Other ACG Chapters: For ACG LA members who travel frequently to other communities, attending local chapter meetings can be an excellent way to learn the regional business landscape and build new relationships.



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Access over 1,200 events

Chapter Events

Network with local members at conferences, social outings, and ACG Capital Connection® (a marketplace for private equity professionals and intermediaries).

Annual Conferences

For over 45 years, top middle-market professionals have come to rely on InterGrowth® for unmatched networking and deal flow. Eurogrowth® offers premium access to the European marketplace and trans-Atlantic deals.

Award-Winning Publications

Middle Market Growth, the official publication of ACG, is mailed to all members as an exclusive benefit. 



Mergers and Acquisitions, published in partnership with ACG  and features articles and columns written by ACG members and other leading experts (a $995 value).