Sponsorship Opportunities




SPONSORSHIP of the Los Angeles Chapter is the perfect place to increase your brand awareness, boost authority, foster relationships, generate strong leads, deliver great ROI and increase reach.  Make it happen today!

The Process:  

Ø  Sponsorship Committee: We formed an eleven person sponsorship committee focused year-round on adding value to our annual sponsors.   

Ø  ACG Strategist: Each annual sponsor will have a fully dedicated ACG Strategist.  This person will proactively work with you and the leadership of your firm to outline high-level goals and expectations (including 15-minute monthly check-in calls to review progress and plan for the future ).  Further, the strategist will proactively work with you and your firm before each ACG event, reviewing who you might want to meet, and facilitating in-person introductions. 


Additional Items:  

Ø  Member of Distinction: As an ACG annual sponsor, your firm will have the ability to nominate one person to be an ACG member of Distinction.  Providing the member passes a vote by the ACG Executive Committee, they will properly be honored with an award (physical).  Additionally, ACG will facilitate the writing of a short interview/article on the member of distinction.  This article will be shared by email to our database over 10-thousand people.  We will post the article on our website.  Additionally, you and your firm can share it through social media,  and with your clients and prospective clients.

Ø  Opportunity for Podcast Interview:  This past year, ACG Global launched a Podcast series.  As one of the largest middle markets in the country, we were asked to launch a podcast series out of LA starting in 2019.   The topics for our podcasts will come from our membership, and we are planning to have an interview each month.  We will be looking at our annual sponsor firms as potential interviewees if they are interested.

Ø  Los Angeles Council for Middle Market Growth: We are helping to launch an influential group of business leaders who will meet quarterly at City Hall with the economic development team.  This group, along with the Mayor and his team will decide on an initiative or several initiatives to work on over a 2-year term.  In general, the programs will help foster middle market business growth in our community.   This group will be made up of nominated leaders (given executive committee approval) from our annual sponsor firms.  Membership on this council will include an additional fee to help subsidize the programs and initiatives.

Please contact Jalal Taby at jtaby@comerica.com or Michael Rivera (CEO of ACG LA) at mrivera@acg.org for more information or to secure your sponsorship event selections.