ACG NJ 2021 Growth Award Honorees

Congratulations to all the companies who have received and currently being awarded the ACG NJ Corporate Growth Award for their ability to think outside the box and embrace unorthodox approaches, while driving profitability.

2021 Corporate Lifetime Achievement Award Honoree

Church & Dwight Co., Inc. – Brian Buchert, Vice President, Corporate Strategy and M&A

Church & Dwight Co., Inc., a $4.15 billion company, was founded in 1846 and is headquartered in Ewing, New Jersey. We are one of the fastest growing Consumer Packaged Goods companies that has outpaced the Standard & Poor's by more than three times over the last 10 years. As a testament to the strength of the company, Church & Dwight Co., Inc. was added to the S&P 500 in 2016. Church & Dwight is a leader in the Household Consumer Products and Personal Care industries, with such brands as ARM & HAMMER™, Trojan™, First Response™, Nair™, Spinbrush™, OxiClean™, Orajel™ and more. The Company’s business is divided into three primary segments, Consumer Domestic, Consumer International and Specialty Products.  Click here to learn more.

2021 Corporate Growth Award Honorees

ECI Technology – Marianna Rabinovitch, CEO

ECI Technology is the leading provider of Chemical Management Systems for Semiconductor, PV, and PCB industries. Our technologies help make possible the manufacturing of computer chips, flat panels, solar panels, printed circuit boards and more.  Established in 1987, ECI now boasts thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. From R&D labs to high volume manufacturing environments, ECI’s products offer the best flexibility, accuracy, and reliability, where it matters most.  ECI’s strength lies in adapting to the world’s most rapidly changing industries. Our R&D scientists develop new products and procedures for novel applications as (or often before) they are introduced into various industries. Our unmatched experience and worldwide network of representatives enable us to be first to market and offer the most comprehensive solution for control of complex manufacturing processes. As a result, ECI owns dozens of U.S. and international patents.  Click here to learn more.


Goodie Girl – Shira Berk, Founder & CEO

After leaving the music industry, founder Shira Berk started to shift her creative energy into making great tasting treats for her kids and friends.  Not really trained as a baker, Shira spent hours experimenting with countless bags of rice, oat, buckwheat flour to come up with great tasting cookies that were all natural made with better-for-you ingredients.  The cookies were a hit with her kids and their friends.  She soon realized more moms and kids should be enjoying these great tasting treats and decided to revolutionize the cookie aisle and introduce Goodie Girl Cookies.  Click here to learn more.   


Suuchi, Inc. – Suuchi Ramesh, Founder & CEO

Women-owned and mostly women-operated, Suuchi Inc. is the Made in America apparel and clothing manufacturing and supply chain management software provider for today’s brands, retailers, and factories.  Founded in late-2015 with a vision of bringing both technology and transparency to the forefront of manufacturing, Suuchi provides a complete end-to-end solution for our clients. From ideation, through design, sourcing, and shipping, our expertly designed solutions provide you with the tools needed to optimize success.  Suuchi’s proprietary software, The Suuchi GRID, connects brands, retailers, and freelancers with the shop floor, digitizing the supply chain, delivering transparency from design through manufacturing, and distribution. The software enables streamlined communication and collaboration with your entire network, eliminating delays in product development or production often caused by disjointed communication. Through predictive analytics, the Suuchi GRID software delivers insights, allowing for more effective planning decisions, including smarter factory assignments and more accurate demand forecasting.  Click here to learn more.


THE MAX Challenge – Bryan Klein, Founder & CEO

THE MAX Challenge is a complete 10-Week body renewal system that combines fitness classes, nutritional guidance, and (probably most important) motivation into one easy-to- follow program. We have had tens of thousands of people participate throughout the country and the results have been amazing. People have made quick and lasting changes to their health and fitness that has led to amazing feedback. We’re excited to continue to bring this program to new communities and we look forward to improving lives throughout the country and the world.  Click here to learn more.


Unionwear – Mitch Cahn, President

When you make something locally you create value.  Local factories energize the economy and invigorate the community by creating jobs, supporting families, and recycling dollars.  Unionwear’s sustainability is built on a foundation of enduring client relationships and workplace satisfaction.  We reward our garment workers with union wages and benefits so they have a stake in the long term success of our customers.  A living wage can buy the gifted hands of a veteran seamstress.  Low employee turnover means knowhow and resourcefulness on the shop floor.  High morale means high productivity, lowering costs and speeding up deliveries.  Company loyalty translates into pride in workmanship, which can mean pampering every order, every unit that sports our label.  Click here to learn more.  

Click here to view ACG GrowthTV interview with Mitch Cahn, President, Unionwear.


Past Corporate Growth Award Honorees:

2015 – click here for program:

Crestron Electronics – Randy Klein, President & CEO (Corporate Lifetime Achievement Honoree)

Ad Magic, Inc. – Shari Spiro, CEO & Founder

cSubs – Julie S. Auslander, President & Chief Cultural Officer)

iCIMS, Inc. – Colin Day, Chief Executive Officer

Synchronoss Technologies, Inc. – Stephen G. Waldis, Founder, Chairman & CEO


2016click here for program:

Kings Food Markets – Judy Spires, Chairman & CEO (Corporate Lifetime Achievement Honoree)

Marketsmith, Inc. – Monica C. Smith. Founder & CEO

Orbcomm, Inc. – Marc Eisenberg, Chief Executive Officer

PetMatrix LLC – Mark Stern, President & CEO

Theorem – Jay Kulkarni, Founder & CEO


2017 click here for program:

ADP – Carlos Rodriguez, President & Chief Executive Officer (Corporate Lifetime Achievement Honoree)

Billtrust – Flint Lane, CEO & Founder

LB Electric Co. – Leon K. Baptiste, President

LPS Industries – Madeleine Robinson, CEO

Tucker International LLC – Mark Nathan, CEO & President


2018click here for program:

Konica Minolta – Rick Taylor, President & CEO (Corporate Lifetime Achievement Honoree)

Air Liquide Advanced Materials, Inc. – Paul Burlingame, President & CEO

CMS Technology, Inc. – John Meccia, President & CEO

Organica Water, Inc. – Ari Raivetz, CEO

Repechage Ltd. – Lydia Sarfati, CEO

Solix Inc. – Jack Miller, President & CEO


2019click here for program:

Hackensack Meridian Health – Robert C. Garrett, CEO (Corporate Lifetime Achievement Honoree)

Acrow Corporation of America – Paul Sullivan, Sr. Vice President International

Corsis – David Barnett, Chairman & COO

PUSH Beverages – Laurel Whitney, CFO and Founder

Tingley Rubber Corporation – Dr. Michael S. Zedalis, President & COO


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