The Member Forum is a series of free, for members-only, networking meetings each sponsored by a member and held at their office, to address a topic of interest to a group of interested members.

Member Forum Meeting activities: 

The ALI committee was formed in 2014 by ACG New Jersey to develop a network of accomplished professionals who are in the process of building their businesses.

"CEO Forum"  is a quarterly discussion meeting over dinner for CEOs, business owners and other selected senior executives representing companies with annual revenues generally between $25 million and $1 billion+.

"CFO Forum"  is a quarterly dinner meeting/ discussion forum for corporate and divisional Chief Financial Officers, Vice Presidents of Finance, Treasurers, Controllers and other senior financial executives from area companies generally with annual revenues between $50 mi

 "CD Forum"  is a quarterly dinner meeting/ discussion forum for Corporate Development Officers (CDOs) and other M&A, Transactional and Strategy executives, generally from larger corporations.

This is an invitation-only event series was established by ACG New Jersey for HR professionals in the "C Suite" who might be interested in attending a small, intimate dinner event with other local "C Suite" professionals.

"In-house Counsel Forum"  is a quarterly dinner meeting/ discussion forum for In-house attorneys of corporations, generally with annual revenues between $100 million and $5 billion+, including Chief Legal Officers, General Counsel, Assistant and Associate General Counsel

"The Angel Forum of ACG New Jersey"  is a quarterly breakfast meeting/ discussion forum for current angel investors and business owners and senior executives wishing to learn about angel investing while getting connected with seasoned angels.  The group has been gatherin

We are executive women in the middle market! The Women of Leadership (WOL) Committee focuses on facilitating connections between senior level women in the middle market business community so they can share experiences, needs and contacts while providing support for each other.