Association for Corporate Growth® ACG welcomes Globalization Partners as an Official Sponsor of Growth


Global expansion solution to leverage ACG media platform and middle-market network, broadening brand awareness and cultivating clients

Globalization Partners Press Release


CHICAGO, October 14, 2020  – The Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) announced today that Globalization Partners, which simplifies global business by enabling companies to hire talent in 180+ countries without the complexity of setting up international branch offices or subsidiaries, is an Official Sponsor of Growth (OSG) of the middle-market dealmaking association.

Globalization Partners is an early adopter of ACG’s newest media offering, GrowthTV. At the onset of the COVID pandemic, Globalization Partners joined ACG to produce a suite of timely thought leadership videos and since decided to embed ACG into its marketing content and business development strategies.

“We’ve long appreciated the breadth and value of ACG’s network,” said Diane Albano, Globalization Partners’ Chief Revenue Officer. “ACG’s recent media expansion strategically aligns with the channels we want to develop to inform and broaden our audience.”

ACG collaborates with organizations like Globalization Partners to drive middle-market growth. The multi-year sponsorship supports ACG’s live and virtual event network, including InterGrowth, relevant and contemporary live and on-demand programming and thought leadership content in Middle Market Growth® magazine.

“The middle market flourishes through meaningful relationships and our partnership with Globalization Partners embodies that,” said Tom Bohn, CEO and President of ACG. “We’re grateful to Globalization Partners for their continued support and long-term commitment, especially in these extraordinary times. The need to scale fast without hassle is as important than ever, and we are delighted ACG’s network offers Globalization Partners a successful channel to amplify their message and build the company’s brand.”  

The OSG sponsorship is the highest level of commitment at ACG. Through branding and thought leadership opportunities with ACG, OSGs advance their business goals while contributing to a healthy middle-market dealmaking ecosystem. Globalization Partners joins Insperity (NYSE: NSP), human resource provider, and Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP (DHG), a top 20 public accounting firm, as an OSG.


Media Contacts:

Karen Craven
Association for Corporate Growth
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Karen Pantinas
Globalization Partners

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About Globalization Partners

Globalization Partners enables companies to quickly and easily expand internationally across six continents and 187 countries. Our Global Employer of Record (EOR) model allows companies to hire employees in as little as 12 hours without having to navigate complex international legal, tax, and HR issues. When companies find top talent, that team member is put on our locally compliant payroll. We are the most trustworthy solution in the market and offer 24/7/365 premium support services. We have teams and offices worldwide with global headquarters located in Boston and California and regional headquarters in London, Ireland, Singapore and Dubai. For more information please visit:

About InterGrowth: For more than half a century, InterGrowth has been the nexus of the middle-market dealmaking community. Pitchbook estimates that InterGrowth attendees are typically involved in more than one-third of U.S. private equity deals. In 2021, InterGrowth will be held live April 26-28 in Miami, Florida, as well as virtually.