The acronym "POD" stands for Professionals Opening Doors. PODS were developed as a way to help ACG OC members better leverage their membership. A POD is a smaller networking group created with the sole purpose of helping members develop relationships and refer business. How PODs work is simple: One or two members sponsor the POD, 8 to 10 other members join, and these members meet on a regular basis to build relationships, trade industry intelligence, and share new business leads. As participants find value and build relationships, they split off into their own PODS to continue the flow of business and leverage an ever increasing number of potential referral partners. Most PODS stay intact for several years in order to build greater depth & breadth with each member.

The most successful PODS meet frequently and regularly with the specific intent and purpose of transacting business, sharing leads and leveraging each other’s contacts and business expertise.

The role of ACG OC is to provide the introductions, structure and tools for members that wish to create or join a POD.

For more information about PODS, please contact:

Karl Hardesty
Hardesty LLC
T: (949)407-6625
E: khardesty@hardestyllc.com

POD Group

Business Development POD:  Joseph Hirsch jhirsch@globalviewadvisors.com

Tech POD: Mohammed Elayan  melayan@rutan.com

Women’s POD: Laurel Mann LaurelMann@PurusWM.com

Produce or Die POD : Dennis Drent ddrent@hardestyllc.com

South Orange County POD: Thornton Phister thornton.phister@calbt.com

OC Innovators POD: Heather Estus hestus@oc-cf.org

South Orange County POD: Kevin Cunningham cunningham@lnc-partners.com and Kyle Hein Kyle_Hein@ajg.com

Wine Interest POD : Mike Issa missa@glassratner.com

Restaurant/Hospitality POD : Tom Spry tom@tomspry.com

Real Estate POD: Mike Issa/Maxwell Anderson missa@glassratner.com

Hardesty POD : Karl Hardesty khardesty@hardestyllc.com

Health Care POD : Tim De Cou tdecou@hardestyllc.com

West County (Seal Beach/Los Alamitos) POD: Darleen Armour darmour@marshall-stevens.com

Manufacturing & Distribution (focus on Food & Beverage): Thomas Spinogatti tspinogatti@comerica.com

Biking POD: Benjamin Everton ben.everton@knobbe.com Curtis Dosier curtis.dosier@knobbe.com 

Exit Planner POD: Andrew Low, BNY Mellon Wealth Management Andrew.low@bnymellon.com

Parents POD: Mohammed Elayan, Rutan & Tucker MElayan@rutan.com

Mountain Biking POD : Zach Martin, Pacific Mercantile Bank, Zach.Martin@pmbank.com 

Blockchain POD: Malek Moubasher, malek@mentor-gc.com