ACG Raleigh Durham

About ACG Raleigh Durham

ACG Raleigh Durham is the region’s premier organization dedicated to profiling,
promoting and celebrating corporate growth. Our chapter is the local presence
of the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG), a global organization of 15,000
professionals involved in acquisitions, strategic and organic middle-market
business growth.

The mission of ACG Raleigh Durham is simple: help business leaders grow their
companies. We do this through high quality programming and focused networking
opportunities for members. Our steady lineup of events helps to showcase corporate
success stories told by business leaders in both large and emerging companies.
In April of 2016 ACG Raleigh Durham will be hosting its 13th Capital Conference.
The Capital Conference focuses on bringing together high-growth companies with
private equity funds and investment banking firms. This year’s event will again
feature our Made in the State (MItS) companies to showcase the outstanding
companies located in our region. As always, time with old friends and meeting new
friends are the hallmark of the Capital Conference networking opportunities.

Since our inception, ACG Raleigh Durham has grown steadily and is today
comprised of over 150 leaders responsible for their company’s corporate growth
initiatives, both organically and through mergers and acquisitions. Approximately
two-thirds of our membership represents area corporations or capital providers,
with the remaining one-third representing senior, trusted, advisors and professionals.
The strength of ACG Raleigh Durham’s membership was recognized in 2011 when
we were named an ACG chapter of the year. Additionally, we have been awarded
two innovation awards in 2013 and 2015 for programming which continues to
refresh our members’ reason for membership and participation in our chapter. We are
excited to be named Chapter of the Year for the second time in 5 years in January 2016.

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