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ACG Raleigh Durham Membership Guidelines

ACG Raleigh-Durham seeks to maintain a membership balance of high-level corporate executives, private equity partners, other capital and debt providers and senior level legal, finance, and service professionals.

Membership in Raleigh Durham Chapter is selective, not everyone who applies is accepted. Potential members should attend a chapter event(s) and discuss membership with board members, the executive director, or the VP Membership in advance of completing an application.

Membership Approval Guidelines by Applicant Type:

Type A – Corporate Members

The following primary occupations are granted automatic approval:

Corporate - A member who works for a company (public or private) and whose job responsibilities includes growing the company organically, through acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, alliances, strategic planning, product development, licensing, franchising, etc.

Corporate Counsel

Corporate Development - Strategic acquisitions role.

Corporate Finance - This category refers only to CFOs, Treasurer, Controller, etc.

Corporate Management - Member influences the development of corporate growth of an operating company, i.e. Chairman, CEO, COO, Principal, owner, or VP

*Firms in categories of Consulting, Recruiting, Advisors (Technology, Valuator, Wealth Manager), Insurance, Real Estate will fall under Type C membership guidelines listed below.

Corporate Management: Entrepreneur - A leader who identifies a need, organizes and manages any enterprise, usually with considerable initiative and innovation. This includes sourcing and organizing the required resources, and taking the associated risks and rewards

Type B – Capital Providers and Intermediaries

The following primary occupations are granted automatic approval:

Capital Providers

Equity Group Managing Fund

Equity Group Not Managing Fund (Independent Sponsors)

Family Offices

Venture Capital

Hedge Fund

Lender – Senior Debt

Lender – Mezzanine

Lender – Other (ABL)

Limited Partner

Commercial Banker

Investment Banker

Business Broker

Type C - Advisors

Applicants must substantiate relevant experience for participation in ACG. Applicants must be an owner, partner (or equivalent) or nominated professional member of the firm.

Advisors will be limited to 2 members per firm unless the firm is an annual sponsor or a platinum or gold level sponsor of the ACG Raleigh Capital Conference. Advisor percentage of membership should not exceed 60% of the membership base. When that threshold is reached, prospective members will be asked to bring a corporate or capital provider application for membership.

Prospective members must attend at least one ACG Raleigh event or be recommended by a board member.

Advisor: Attorney

Advisor: Accountant

Advisor: Consultant – Member is a consultant that provides strategic advisory services to corporate and/or service providers.

Advisor: Recruiter – Member is an executive or other personnel recruiter for either full or part time employees.

Advisor: Technology – Member is a technology provider whose services include: hardware, software, internet or databases, etc. This includes M&A data services.

Advisor: Valuator – Member is a business valuator and/or compiles statistics for valuations.

Advisor: Wealth Manager – Members employed by a wealth management firm.

Advisor: Other – Member provides other services to corporate and/or equity groups but does not fit into any of the above categories such as Insurance (transaction or benefit), real estate, sale-lease back or temporary C-level executives.

Type D – Other

The following primary occupations require approval from the Executive Committee. Applicants must substantiate relevant experience for participation in ACG.

Community: Educators – Member is employed by a college or university.

Community: Government – Member is employed by State, Federal or Local Government.

Community: Other Non Profit Leaders

Other: Not listed above

Special Circumstances

Sponsors – Annual sponsors, as well as gold and platinum level sponsors of the ACG Raleigh Durham Capital Conference, are eligible for membership regardless of category, however, members must be partner level, business owners or nominated professional members of their firm.

Membership applications are reviewed by the Executive Committee monthly. The VP Membership/Executive Director are responsible for communicating with all applicants regarding the status of their membership applications.

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