Apply for Membership for ACG Tampa Bay

As an approval chapter, PLEASE note that after you fill out the application, we will send you a short questionnaire about your involvement with middle-market growth.  Once the Membership Approval Committee reviews your application and questionnaire, we will "activate" your membership.  If you are not approved, we will refund the dues.  If unsure whether ACG Tampa Bay is a good fit for you - we encourage you to attend a chapter event and discuss membership with board members, the Chapter Executive, or the Membership Committee in advance of completing an application.  Please contact Sherry Smith, Chapter Executive, at 813-205-0776 or

Apply for ACG Tampa Bay membership here 

Our annual dues are only $450; Emerging Professionals (35 and under) dues are $300 and are effective for the first two (2) years or until member is 35.

Member Sponsor:

All new applicants should be recommended and sponsored by an ACG member in good standing and be approved by the ACG Tampa Membership Committee, based on our published criteria. Should a potential member not know an ACG member to sponsor him or her, we encourage you to attend a meeting/event.

Membership application process:

Application to ACG is completed online. Incomplete applications are not accepted. Decisions on completed applications may take up to 3 weeks to process.

Applicants have an advantage when they have an ACG Tampa Bay sponsor and are currently involved in a position that meets any of the following criteria:

  • C-level executive or principal owner of established company with $5M+ revenue (or funding) or other company executive that works primarily in the M&A, finance, or strategic transaction function of such a company
  • Partner, associate, director, or analyst in established private equity and/or venture capital firm or fund
  • Partner, associate, director, or analyst in investment banking firm or in a financial intermediary firm that focuses on M&A or corporate finance transactions
  • Partner, associate, or similar professional in law firm, accounting firm, valuation firm, or other professional services firm whose individual practice includes, in large part M&A, corporate finance, or other strategic corporate transactions
  • Lender or other senior-level representative (i.e., vice president or higher) of a bank or other commercial lender that serves corporate clients
  • Advisory-based senior-level wealth management professionals whose principal clients are regularly involved in M&A, private equity, or corporate finance transactions
  • Senior-level representative from a company that is a current ACG Tampa Bay annual or Capital Connection sponsor

Other application factors to be considered in application decisions:

  • Purpose of joining ACG Tampa Bay and expected contribution towards ACG Tampa Bay’s mission and vision
  • Current level and role within their company
  • Business within core ACG interest of acquisitions and strategic and organic middle-market business growth
  • Recent senior-level, relevant experience in core ACG interests or disciplines
  • Recent relevant experience in serving on corporate community service or professional boards
  • Extent, level and type of existing contacts and networks
  • Existing or prior membership in other ACG Chapters
  • Level of professionalism, ethics, integrity and demonstrated competence
  • Ability to commit business resources (time and money) to ACG Tampa activities
  • Additional representative from a company that is a current ACG Tampa Bay annual