Sponsorship Opportunities

ACG Tampa Bay offers annual sponsorship opportunities as well as event specific options.  With a wide range of offerings at varying price ranges, companies are sure to find the right one to meet their sponsorship objectives.

The Power of ACG Tampa Bay Sponsorship

  • Gain exposure to key dealmakers and business leaders in the Tampa Bay community
  • Position your company as an industry leader
  • 75% of ACG members do deals with other members
  • Brand recognition: Annual and event sponsorships offer countless opportunities to showcase your brand to ACG members and other middle-market dealmakers
  • Curated audience: 20+ meetings and events offer the opportunity to network and build relationships
2022-2023 Sponsorship

For more information, please contact our Sponsorship Co-Chairs:

Greg Feldman, Vice President, Marshall & Stevens
(813) 345-5301; gfeldman@marshall-stevens.com

Jami Gold, Director, LCG Advisors
(813) 226-2800; jgold@lcgadvisors.com