The Four "T’s" of Corporate Investment: Trade, Tariffs, Taxes and Trump

Event Details


February 6 - 8, 2019

Calgary TELUS Convention Centre

A corporate investment / growth outlook from business leaders and experts from a Western Canada perspective. Discussion will include:

  • Cross-border trade after USMCA;
  • Impact of US tax policy and difference with Canada;
  • What else Canadian markets and businesses should expect from the Trump administration;
  • Ultimately how to capitalize on resulting investment and M&A opportunities.


  • Kevin Depew, Deputy Chief Economist, RSM US
  • Hugh McFadyen, Principal, Longview Communications and Public Affairs
  • Ted Redmond, President and CEO, ZCL Composites
  • Morty White, Managing Director, Wynnchurch Capital


  • Doug Schweitzer, Partner, Dentons