Chapter Staff

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Maureen O’Reilly

Executive Director

418 N. Main Street, Suite 200
Royal Oak, MI 48067


Stephanie Tyszkiewicz, Marketing Coordinator







Stephanie Tyszkiewicz

Marketing & Event Coordinator

418 N. Main Street, Suite 200
Royal Oak, MI 48067



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Holly Gubachy

Chapter Assistant 

418 N. Main Street, Suite 200
Royal Oak, MI 48067


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    Sharon Kimble

    Sharon Kimble (In Memory)

    Executive Director

    Words cannot adequately describe the meaningful and measurable impact that Sharon had on the organization over the 20+ years she served as executive director. Her energy, spirit and leadership served as a powerful engine and her heart was always her compass. 

    Below are reflections from ACG members in celebration of Sharon’s impactful life:


    “She was selfless, caring, compassionate, and loving.”  

    “Sharon made everything look so easy.”

    “Sharon was the heart and soul of our organization for more than 20 years. She was remarkable and cared deeply for the mission of ACG and its members.”

    “I was always inspired by her smile and her optimism.”

    “She was so kind, genuine and gracious in every way.”

    “Sharon was an ACG Rock Star.  She literally set the bar for her role nationally.”

    “Sharon was giving and had a unique and constant kindness.”

    “Sharon brought a discipline and professionalism that was a key driver of the chapter’s growth and success.” 

    “Sharon was a real treasure.”

    “Her warmth, dedication and, joyful nature have inspired and helped us all.” 

    “The fingerprints of her spirit and generosity have marked our chapter forever.”

    “Sharon was one of the kindest and hardest working people I have ever known.”

    She always greeted me with a smile and a big hug.”

    “We always knew we could count on Sharon for anything.” 


    Sharon’s spirit will live on and continue to serve as a guiding light for our members and ACG Detroit.