Driving Business Value Series

Lunch & Learns

Helping the Detroit business community operate more efficiently, find paths for growth and build stronger networks.

ACG Detroit is proud to offer a series of seminars to help our middle market community drive value in their businesses.  These quarterly Lunch & Learn seminars are designed to introduce business owners and their advisors to topics outside their day to day activities and provide tools and a network to guide their businesses into purposeful growth. The topics will provide exposure to new ideas and best practices to manage growth, optimize operational efficiency and plan exit tactics.

The Driving Business Value Series highlights the expertise and skills honed by members of the ACG Detroit community. These informative events provide attendees access to the most talented professionals in the area. Before each program, attendees have an opportunity to network with fellow business owners and service providers.


To provide feedback on the DBVS program or to suggest future topics contact: 

Steve Savoy, Chair

steve@savoit.com or 313-212-3697



August 5, 2020 - Lunch and Learn: Practical Lessons on Growing Your Business

November 4, 2020 - Lunch and Learn: Using IP to Grow Your Business



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