Who's Watching?? Privacy & Security When Working Remotely

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January 26, 2021 8 AM - 9 AM EST

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The threats continue


Continuing to respond to COVID-19 employers of all sizes are allowing, and in many cases even mandating remote working while awaiting the arrival of an effectiveness vaccine. While this practice has allowed them to better protect their employees while maintaining daily operations, working remotely brings its own unique set of cybersecurity challenges.  While this “temporary” practice is ongoing organizations must be alert to many different types of threats associated with remote operations.


Our panelists will provide information on continuing threats, recommendations to mitigate such threats as well legal and investigative actions if confidential data has been breached.  


Jason Bernstein

Jason Bernstein

Barnes & Thornburg
Partner and Co-Chair, Data Security and Privacy Group

Jason Bernstein is a partner and co-chair of the Data Security and Privacy group at the law firm of Barnes & Thornburg. Jason has been practicing law for 37 years.

He thinks about what can go wrong, what the threats are, and how to prevent breaches. He helps his clients anticipate the bad things, and advises them on what they can do to prevent them from happening. But, if things do go wrong, he knows from experience how to handle the situation.

He works with clients to proactively improve data security risk management and develop policies and procedures for incident response. Jason helps companies assess whether they need to comply with GDPR, CCPA, and other emerging requirements. He works with companies after a data breach to evaluate the situation, notify affected individuals and agencies, and guide the company in communications to minimize effects on brand reputation.

Jason is a frequent speaker nationally to various organizations and conferences on how companies can respond to emerging cybersecurity threats, improve their risk management, and more effectively negotiate agreements with customers and vendors.

Bob Breitman

Bob Breitman

PeriCertum, Inc.

Bob Breitman is the COO of PeriCertum, inc., a cybersecurity firm that helps organizations identify, financially quantify, and mitigate cyber risks.  Bob has over 40 years of experience in the IT Industry. 

He has been the CIO of a $3.5 billion corporation (where he was paid to be paranoid), a consultant, and has owned four companies (sold three). Bob has a proven record of guiding growth of companies and firms in the fast-paced and ever-changing information technology sector.

Bob has had his feet in the technology and business sides of organizations and has proven to be an effective communicator between both disciplines.

Bob has made a point of paying it forward by being a mentor through the MI Shifting Gears Program and through Everwise.

Ryan Ormond

FBI - Detroit
Special Agent/Cyber Unit

Special Agent Ryan Ormond is assigned to FBI Detroit's Cyber Task Force, where he works criminal and national security cyber threats throughout the state of Michigan, and on a global scale.  He joined the FBI as a Special Agent in 2009, where he was first assigned to FBI Detroit, tasked with investigating Counterterrorism matters.  In August 2011, SA Ormond transferred to FBI Detroit’s Cyber Task Force where he began investigating computer intrusions with a national security nexus.  In May 2019 SA Ormond joined a team tasked with investigating multiple variants of ransomware and the actors responsible for them.   Prior to the FBI, SA Ormond worked as a Bilingual Technical Support Specialist for Wells Fargo Financial.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Statistics with a Minor in Information Systems from Brigham Young University, Provo, UT.

Dan DiBardino

Dan DiBardino [Moderator]

Recon Management Group, LLC
Managing Director

Daniel J. DiBardino is the Managing Director with Recon Management Group with over 40 years of senior corporate security experience.  Recon Management Group delivers global security and investigative solutions through three practice groups:  Security Consulting, Investigative Services, and Protective Services. 

Additionally, Mr. DiBardino currently serves as the President and CEO of Crime Stoppers of Michigan. He is also a member on the Advisory Committee of Proving Innocence of Michigan, a member of the Association of Corporate Growth Program Committee, ASIS International and a board member with Michigan Legacy Credit Unions, the Boy Scouts Great Lake Division and Keep the Schools Safe organization and continues to be a security advisor for a number of educational institutions.  He has authored numerous articles and is a frequent speaker on corporate security issues.  Mr. DiBardino received a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts.

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