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The Edmonton Chapter of ACG is an "approval chapter." This means applicants must be approved by the Chapter’s Membership Committee. To be eligible for membership, a person must be:
  1. Involved in the planning, execution, funding or integration of middle-market merger and acquisitions (M&A) transactions.
  2. Employed by a company, or line of business in a company, that does not already have five members in the Edmonton Chapter.
  3. Referred by an existing member of ACG Edmonton.
  4. The Committee will have the discretion to make a recommendation

All applications are reviewed by a membership team and the Chapter Board of Directors. The membership review team will make a recommendation to accept or decline an application based on the membership criteria.
Corporate membership is available to those firms that have one regular membership in place.  Corporate members are not eligible to bring free guests to events.  Corporate memberships are limited to 4 per organization.
Young ACG membership is available to those in the 25-35 year old range, in a non-management role within their firm/organization.

Regular Membership Price - $425+GST

Corporate Membership Price - $280+GST

Young ACG Membership Price - $250+GST

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Network with local members at conferences, social outings, and ACG Capital Connection® (a marketplace for private equity professionals and intermediaries).

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For over 45 years, top middle-market professionals have come to rely on InterGrowth® for unmatched networking and deal flow. Eurogrowth® offers premium access to the European marketplace and trans-Atlantic deals.

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