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January 27, 2021 9 AM - 5 PM CST

Virtual Conference - ACG Access Platform


ACG’s Winter Summit on January 27 is a virtual one-day summit that exclusively offers ACG members unique perspectives on how to source future deals and countless opportunities to cultivate relationships.

Deal-makers in 2021 will be operating against a backdrop of continued uncertainty as the pandemic continues, the COVID-19 vaccine rollout begins and the Biden administration takes office. Still, many have considerable dry powder and are looking for high-quality deals.  

The morning is packed full of programming that will inform your 2021 business strategies. Join middle-market investment bankers and private equity partners as they: 

  • Bring clarity to the uncertain

  • Discuss trends shaping M&A in 2021

  • Offer their outlook for M&A volume, pricing, deal structures 

Attendees will discover emerging subsectors that are poised for growth in 2021 during three-panel discussions hosted by Nevin Raj, co-founder and chief operating officer of Grata, a vertical B2B search engine for identifying middle-market companies. Experts will join Raj to discuss their experiences in select industry niches—including in health care, manufacturing and technology—and what deal-makers should know as they plan their strategies for the coming year.    

The summit’s programming is the culmination of a concerted effort to gather ACG network insights to create an accurate outlook for the middle market in 2021. Middle Market Growth® magazine moves center stage with a special issue that melds community insight with thought-leader forecasts, search engine users’ behaviors and emerging middle-market trend data to provide a valuable look at the year ahead.  

Whether you are on the buy, sell or the advisory side, the day holds relevance and opportunity for all. The day affords a morning filled with programming and an entire day for dealmaking meetings and networking.  

The ACG Winter Summit is open to all ACG members. If you are not an ACG member, join ACG today to ensure your attendance.


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Tom Bohn

President and CEO

Rob Hong

Co-Founder & CEO
Sapling Financial Consultants

Michael Lamm

Managing Partner
Corporate Advisory Solutions

Bret A. Larsen

Virtual Care Strategist, CEO & Co-Founder

Kevin Manning

Managing Director & Head of Industrials – Investment Banking

Blake McKinney

Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer
Cirrus MD

Steven Moon

Managing Director, Deputy Head of M&A
Duff & Phelps Securities LLC

Nevin Raj

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer

Andrew Rush

President & COO

Gretchen Perkins

Avance Investment Management, LLC

Greg Petraetis

SVP & General Manager Midmarket and Ecosystem
SAP North America

Paul Sarvadi

Chairman and CEO

Greg Treger

Co-Founder and Managing Director
Clearsight Advisors, Inc.