Bret A. Larsen

Bret A. Larsen | CEO & Founder, Evisit
Virtual Care Strategist, CEO & Co-Founder

Bret Larsen is the Virtual Care Strategist, CEO and co-founder of eVisit, where he and his dedicated team are helping more than 100 hospitals and health systems –- including some of the largest healthcare enterprises in the U.S. -- innovate in today’s challenging healthcare environment. eVisit is powering hundreds of thousands of virtual visits, connecting providers and patients within its HIPAA-compliant eVisit Virtual Care platform, enabling providers to deliver efficient and effective patient care. Bret started his career in marketing and as a serial entrepreneur, has built many successful businesses. He co-founded eVisit as a mission-driven company to simplify healthcare delivery to everyone, everywhere. Under his leadership, the eVisit team executes a powerful and much-appreciated consultative approach and shows up as a virtual care strategy team, dedicated to meeting its customers’ unique virtual care requirements.