Shari Forman

US Private Company Services Tax Leader

Scott McCandless

Principal, Tax Policy Services-Washington National Tax Services

Scott McCandless is a Principal in the Tax Policy Services (TPS) group of PwC’s Washington National Tax Services (WNTS). In this role, Scott brings an impressive legislative experience, as well as a distinguished history with PwC.

Prior to rejoining PwC in 2014, Scott served as Tax Counsel to two notable US Members of Congress —Senator Olympia J. Snowe, Ranking Member of the Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee; and then Congressman Tim Griffin, Member of the House Committee on Ways & Means. Before these appointments, Scott was a director in PwC’s WNTS practice, where he provided strategic advice as well as legislative, executive branch, and regulatory representation for domestic and international PwC clients on a broad spectrum of issues — including taxation and international trade — with a focus on energy tax policy. Scott has authored several articles for Tax Notes.


Puneet Arora

Private Equity Tax Leader

Puneet Arora, a Principal in the Tax practice at PwC, based in New York City, is an international tax advisor in the Private Equity & Financial Services industry. Known for his broad experience and deep insights into the constant changes impacting global business, Puneet advises PwC's most significant clients, helping them navigate through complex tax and operational challenges. Puneet is intensely passionate and goal oriented, earning a unique reputation in the industry for his creative approach and tenacious problem solving. With an unfailing sense of optimism, solid commercial acumen and his dedication to building and sustaining relationships, Puneet has established himself as a valued and trusted business advisor to his clients.

With nearly 20 years of experience, Puneet possesses a deep understanding of the evolution of the private Equity & financial service industry and has provided tax, operational and structuring advice to PwC's clients around the world. Prior to his role at PwC, Puneet was a litigator in India which provides him a foundational understanding in exchange control and corporate laws while advising his clients who have interests in emerging markets. Puneet is a thought leader and active advocate for continually evolving practice strategies for PwC's tax and consulting services. He has an equally fervent interest and dedication to harnessing those forces that impact the development of human potential and human capital management as a critical business strategy.

Puneet works extensively with large institutional clients and asset managers in structuring their US & global investment structures. Puneet also works with private bank and fund distributors to advise them on raising capital and navigating the numerous tax and reporting regimes around the world. 


Janice Mays

Managing Director, Tax Policy Services-Washington National Tax Services,

Janice Mays is a Managing Director in PwC’s Washington National Tax Services (WNTS). Janice’s long background in government and her deep understanding of the factors influencing both elected and professional participants in government make her uniquely qualified to provide insight and to assist the business community in assessing and pursuing critical policy issues more effectively. 

Janice joins PwC after a 40 year career on the Hill including over 22 years as the Democratic chief counsel and staff director for the House Ways and Means Committee. During her tenure, she was closely involved with and responsible for much tax legislation, including the Tax Reform Act of 1986. In addition, the second half of her career on the Hill, Janice worked extensively on health reform and international trade legislation.

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