Member Profile - Brittany Hooper


The ACG Member Profile Series will introduce various members of ACG Orlando, giving us all a way to keep connections alive while we're under lockdown and unable to meet in person.

Brittany Hooper

Brittany Hooper
Regional Vice President of Sales, LSQ

ACG Member Since: 2019
ACG Involvement: Membership Committee Member

How have you had to adapt your business model during the shutdown? What has worked and what hasn’t?

Like many sales people, I’ve adapted to building my relationships over the phone and zoom meetings.  In terms of LSQ, we’ve adjusted the industries that we focus on by evaluating the business receiving the financing to ensure they will be able to weather through the storms.  We also take more time to understand the overall supply chain of our clients and their clients to evaluate where the disruptions may occur.

In terms of what’s worked, I’ve hosted a weekly happy hour that people can pop in on and meet other professionals.  It’s brought many people together and has even resulted in a deal!  People are able to invite their contacts as well so it allows for new introductions.

For what hasn’t worked, I would say it’s a little harder not being able to meet people in person.  Though I’ve been with LSQ for years, I have only recently been out and about in the community just a few months before COVID hit.  It’s easier to build relationships in person.

How are you staying connected with your network?

I focus on having group meetings with the various referral sources’ entire teams.  I also send a bi-weekly update on the market and any insights from a credit perspective or recent success stories.

Do you think we will see lasting changes to how we do business as a result of this?

I do think more things will be transacted by phone vs in person.  I think initial relationships will be in person, but maintenance is less likely to be all in person and some meetings or catch ups will be by phone.

What’s the first thing you’ll do when restrictions are eased?

Start doing more face to face meetings.  Personally, my life hasn’t changed much as we spend almost all of our weekends frolicking on the boat practicing social distancing. ;)

What is your favorite ACG Orlando event, and why?

Definitely the end of the year holiday events to connect with our community and friends across Florida.