Member Profile - Jay Chaudhari


The ACG Member Profile Series will introduce various members of ACG Orlando, giving us all a way to keep connections alive while we're under lockdown and unable to meet in person.

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Jay Chaudhari
Director of Business Development, RVR Consulting Group

ACG Member Since: 2020

How have you had to adapt your business model during the shutdown? What has worked and what hasn’t?

During the shutdown period, we closed our office, but as of June 1st, we are now open only to internal employees. We offer a “work from home” option to our employees, and we have seen good results with it. We also decided to lease additional office space in our building so we could spread everybody out as we follow our new safety procedures for the office. Our productivity is the same as it was before since we are able to conserve time by not driving to many meetings and utilizing Zoom for many of our meetings. Our client portfolio has also not changed, and our engagements are similar to what we have done in the past with more of a focus on cash flow analysis and budgeting. We also launched our “RVR Cares” initiative during the shutdown by providing pro bono consulting services to our clients and other companies, including non-profits. 

How are you staying connected with your network?

I have been using Zoom almost every day to speak with my network and even hang out on virtual happy hours. I still do phone calls, but Zoom is the best option to see someone during this time. I try to have fun with it and change up my backgrounds as a conversation starter. However, sometimes I tend to schedule my Zoom meetings back to back and forget to include a break in between. I have also had way more golf outings since it is an outside approved activity and is easy to social distance. I always enjoy telling everyone at the office that I have another “golf meeting.”

Do you think we will see lasting changes to how we do business as a result of this?

I believe the way we do business will definitely change but also improve as a result of COVID-19. Business travel will be down for the foreseeable future, and flexibility with a “work from home” schedule will also become a standard practice for most workplaces. In some cases having a business meeting by Zoom is more productive, especially when you have to go over items on screen share. If you can handle your business meetings on Zoom then it allows your face to face time with a client or someone in your network to be more of a relationship-building outing and not a business meeting.

What’s the first thing you’ll do when restrictions are eased?

I am going to go on vacation to the Bahamas with my family. I would also like to go watch a Florida Gators Football game in person either in Gainesville or at an opponent’s stadium. 

What is your favorite ACG Orlando event, and why? 

The SMART awards is a great event, especially for all of the companies that deserve the awards. I was born and raised here in Orlando, so it is always great to see all of the amazing companies that are part of our community. The end of the year holiday party is a close second since there is always a great turnout, and it is fun to see everyone before the holidays.