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Jay Cohen
  • Jay Cohen

  • Fractional CIO, JAYCO CIO Services

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  • ACG Member Since: 2019 | ACG Orlando Membership Committee Member


Tell us about your role/firm.

As a Fractional CIO, I provide the link between the outside vendors and the company's mission, vision, and bottom line. We can help companies transition from one CIO to the next or provide day-to-day guidance on technical matters. We help companies utilize new emerging technologies and help keep them ahead of their competition. We have the knowledge and experience to make sure you are getting the most out of your internal and external IT teams.

What are you looking for (in terms of deal opportunities)?

The decision to hire or replace a full-time CIO is not an easy choice. We are looking to assist those companies through that transition. We look for medium-side growing companies that don't have the time to follow up on their IT teams to make sure they are delivering what the company needs to meet their strategic goals.

What do you value most about your ACG membership? 

I am grateful to be a member of ACG; it has given me a chance to expand my circle of influence to a greater audience. The friendships I have forged help me in my business, but it has allowed me to create strategic alliances to better support my clients.