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Matt DeBernardo
  • Matt DeBernardo

  • SVP - Sales and Originations, Alterna Capital Solutions 

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  • ACG Member Since: 2021 


Tell us about your role/firm.

Alterna Capital Solutions is an Orlando-based Asset Based Lender with a focus on factoring and Inventory financing. We support B2B and B2G companies in the lower middle market, from start-ups to mature companies with annual revenues up to $250MM. Our foundation is built on strategic partnerships, which include banks, sponsors, CPAs, turnaround firms, fractional CFOs, alternative lenders, attorneys, and more.   

Unlike many of our competitors who are pivoting into supply chain finance, Alterna remains committed to providing receivables-based working capital for our clients and consistency for our partners.

What are you looking for (in terms of deal opportunities)?

Factoring is typically associated with distress, restructures, turnarounds, and workouts. Although we are happy to help in those situations, it's very different than what we are seeing here at Alterna. Many of our clients are growing exponentially and are looking for alternative financing options that are non-dilutive and flexible. Our offering acts as a growth accelerant - providing uncapped, covenant-free working capital as a bridge to traditional bank financing.  

If your client 1) can't secure any traditional bank financing, or 2) can't get enough - Alterna can help. 

What do you value most about your ACG membership? 

Even though I live in Central Florida, I covered the Mid-Atlantic, and wasn't able to participate in our local chapter.  As soon as I moved to Alterna and took over the Florida market, joining ACG Orlando was one of my first priorities.  Orlando is home to several factors, but based on my conversations, many of the members either 1) had no clue these lenders were here, 2) had no clue how to leverage a factor to win new business or retain existing clients, or 3) there was so much turnover they never got a chance to build a relationship. My goal was to change that.  

Luckily, thanks to our ACG Orlando board and events team, there are tons of events, networking opportunities, and deal forums to attend.  We have an extremely active chapter filled with welcoming and accepting members.  These past 6 months being a member have been awesome, and I look forward to doing all that I can to help ACG Orlando grow.