Member Profile - Teri Benson, CEPA, CDFA®



Member Profile -Teri Benson
  • Teri Benson, CEPA, CDFA®

  • Founder & Financial Advisor, Pando Partners Wealth Management of Raymond James

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  • ACG Member Since: 2021 


Tell us about your role/firm.

In a personal CFO capacity, we guide owners to “build with the end in mind”.  We help align an owner’s personal financial goals with their objectives to grow and monetize their business.  In advance, we outline personalized estate and tax strategies and collaborate with owner-clients to build alternate sources of growth and cash flow, including non-traditional opportunities such as private investments and/or an entrepreneur’s next enterprise.  Our touchstone is always the client’s defined, personal “wealth mission”, including family legacy, any charitable giving goals and/or values-based investment objectives.

 What are you working on?

As interest rates rise and valuation multiples compress, we are encouraging owners to take the time to plan personally. The earlier planning begins, the greater the range of opportunities.  We’ve created a pre-liquidity planning module to guide owners and their families on how they can optimize the realization of their “net number”.  A valuable result of this pre-liquidity planning is that owners often gain additional knowledge and greater confidence to make the right decisions for themselves and their business before and after a transaction.

Why did you join ACG Orlando? 

I joined ACG to meet and idea-share with other professionals serving middle market business owners. Our practice values collaboration as we aim to bring custom strategies to an owner’s ecosystem of advisors. It’s time-tested that we are all better served building long-term, trusted relationships that can, most importantly, result in better outcomes for our owner-clients.