Panel Session: Going Global - The Future of Work

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9:20 AM
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For business, the great remote work experiment of 2020 proved that having a decentralized workforce is not only a viable option, it also opens up a whole world of possibilities—literally. Having a global footprint is no longer a pipe dream for many companies; as technology erases physical borders, the ability to grow and hire internationally is now an attainable reality. But as the playing field gets bigger and more competitive, only those companies that are agile enough to adapt to the needs and realities of this quickly evolving market will succeed.

Join Rick Hammell, Founder & CEO of Elements Global Services, and a panel of experts in business strategy, employment law and investment as they discuss the factors driving, shaping and accelerating the transformation of how business will be done.

Topics include:

  • The COVID-19 pandemic as a catalyst for change
  • Digital transformation and the birth of a Borderless World
  • The war for talent and the impetus to go global
  • The future of currency and how the new workplace will shape it



Sherisa Rajah

Director of Employment Law and Compliance
Elements Global Services