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Who Can Join San Francisco Chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth ("ACG")?  

The San Francisco Chapter of ACG is an "approval chapter." That means members must be approved by the Chapter’s Membership Committee. To be eligible for membership, a person must be: 
o   A senior member of his or her firm (alternatively can apply for YACG membership if under 35 with 5 years M&A experience);
o   Be engaged in a line of business that serves the needs of middle-market companies; and
o   Employed by a company, or line of business in a company, that does not already have four (4) members in the San Francisco Chapter.

What is the Process to Join?

First, ALL prospective members MUST register online by clicking HERE! This is the only way to insure that the Membership Committee has the information it needs to start the approval process. 
Second, the prospective member must be determined to be eligible for membership. This determination is the responsibility of the Membership Committee.
Third, prospective members need to attend or have attended at least one (1) ACG event or provide endorsement from two chapter members.
Fourth, the prospective member must be voted in by the Membership Committee. 
Fifth, an approved member, once approved by the Committee, pay dues (currently $595 per year).

Interested in joining? Want more information?

Click here to apply for membership

•  For administrative issues, please contact Sabrina Ritchie, Chapter Executive, at 
•  For all other issues, please contact Membership Committee Chair: Ian Berman, RSM US LLP. at

NOTE: If you are renewing your membership, please follow this process:
*  Login to the ACG SF home page (contact us if you forgot your login details)
*  Look for Renew my Membership in the upper right side
*  Complete the renewal process with your payment card information.