Tony Lam

Tony Lam
Mavens Creamery, Alamar Restaurant, Wingstop SF Bay Area

Tony Lam is a successful serial entrepreneur and Shark Tank Winner.  He is Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Omni Bev, Co-owner and Shark Tank Winner at Mavens Creamery, Co-Owner of Alamar Restaurant, Vice President Marketing at Enterprise Purchasing Group, President of the Bay Area Wingstop Restaurants, Investor and Advisory Board Member of Vitabowl, Kea, Workstream, and Next Force Technology.  Tony’s current passion is helping to bring Vietnamese coffee mainstream in the US. He enjoys helping his local community and "paying it forward" by mentoring the next generation of young aspiring entrepreneurs to reach their fullest potential. Tony is married to Van Lam and has two sons named Damon and Andy.