About the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG)

Western Michigan Chapter

ACG is where people who are serious about business go to connect, share and learn. Our meetings feature thought-provoking speakers who speak directly to the concerns of high-growth, mid-size businesses. From effectively investing for growth to enhancing valuations and managing change, your concerns form our agendas.

ACG Western Michigan is a local chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth. The Western Michigan chapter was founded in 1999 by a group of West Michigan business leaders who recognized the need for a local organization to serve as a resource to executives actively involved in deal making and internal and external growth challenges in their companies.

Today, ACG Western Michigan represents a diverse group of corporate executives and professionals service providers in an array of industries. These members’ titles include CEO, CFO, COO and other high-level management positions, as well as principals in law, accounting and other consulting firms, and financiers such as private equity firms, equity investors, venture capitalists, and commercial bankers. 

Two primary and longstanding benefits provided by membership in ACG Western Michigan have been the presentation of outstanding educational breakfast programs and the opportunity to network with local executives who face similar operational and strategic challenges in growing businesses.

The educational programs are presented at monthly breakfast meetings on the third Wednesday of the month.  To view our upcoming events visit our events page 

ACG is where local deals are discussed, dissected and, quite often, done. Simply put, ACG is business networking for grownups.

ACG Western Michigan.

Serious. Business.

Western Michigan Member Benefits

Monthly Signature Breakfast Programs: A primary benefit of membership, chapter meetings provide outstanding educational breakfast programs and the opportunity to network with local executives who face similar operational and strategic challenges in growing businesses.

Discounted Registration for the ACG Great Lakes Capital Connection:  Join hundreds of Mergers & Acquisition professionals at the Annual Great Lakes ACG Capital Connection. Seven ACG Chapters will come together to showcase the Great Lakes Region, its business opportunities and its highly regarded professional services. The 2017 Great Lakes Capital Connection will be held on September 06 and 07 in Grand Rapids, MI.

Young Professionals Group: The ACG Young Professionals group is a forum for professionals 35 or younger to network and to learn best practices related to corporate growth and mergers and acquisitions.  The group hosts networking events, fun mixers, and other great programs. 

Women in Finance Group: The ACG Women in Finance Group was created in 2015 to support Western Michigan's women in the finance industry. The group's mission is "Creating a Community for the Advancement of Women in Finance." Their three foundational pillars are: Mentoring, Education and Work-Life Integration. 

More Benefits…

Growtheconomy.org: GrowthEconomy.org is a project of ACG in collaboration with Institute for Exceptional Growth Companies (IEGC) and PitchBook.  GrowthEconomy.org combines two independent databases, PitchBook (directory of over 16,500 establishments supported by private capital) and NETS (National Establishment Time Series, a collaboration with Dun and Bradstreet, NETS is a time-series database of 44 million U.S. business establishments) allowing users to compare the performance of private capital-backed companies to the general U.S. economy from 2009 going back to 1995 by state and MSA.

Searches on GrowthEconomy.org are dynamically produced by the user, dependent on the user's custom search parameters. The database includes 16,500+ private-capital backed companies which can be searched on all 50 U.S. States as well as 365 Metropolitan Statistical Areas - and looking at both sales and employment growth. Tens of thousands of search results are available.

ACG InterGrowth® Annual Conference: Discount Registration for the ACG's InterGrowth Conference has consistently provided a sampling of the finest business minds in an environment that encourages the exchange of ideas through panels and keynote speakers. ACG invites its members and other guests to take advantage of the rare opportunity for informal deal exchange and networking with more than 2,000 leading international corporate growth professionals. Attendees concur that more deals and deal possibilities are available at this conference than at any other convention of its kind in the world!

Mergers and Acquisitions: Mergers and Acquisitions, published in partnership with ACG, a $995 value, providing coverage and analysis of key deals and influential developments in the M&A field, featuring articles and columns written by ACG members and other leading experts.

Middle Market Growth: Middle Market Growth Weekly is a weekly eNews Letter provided by ACG which includes discussions surrounding the current trends, notes, and issues effecting the Middle market.

Member Directory: The only resource of its kind, the ACG online Member Directory contains contact information for more than 14,000 professionals in corporate growth and mergers and acquisitions. A comprehensive database of contact information, the Member Directory allows you to search for members by any one or more of the following:

  • Personal name, corporate title, or company
  • Geographic location
  • Corporate expertise in one or more of 35 fields
  • Familiarity with one or more of 100 industries
  • In any ACG chapter worldwide

Event Calendars: ACG's Global calendar will take you to a comprehensive database of ACG chapter meetings, conferences, workshops, and networking events, the only site within or without the ACG community to do so. And now the selection process is more sophisticated and better for the member: choose from three comprehensive calendars: All ACG events, North American events, and International events.

ACG CapitalLink®: ACG CapitalLink® puts a proprietary database of thousands of capital resources at your fingertips, including private equity firms, hedge funds, mezzanine investors, small business investment companies, valuation firms and M&A advisory firms. It’s a comprehensive, up-to-date, user-friendly online resource, available at no cost only to ACG members.