MSU winners
Fordham students

Congratulations to the ACG CUP 2021 Winners: Fordham University and Michigan State University!

Read on below our 2021 Cup Winners' Announcement video for information on ACG Cup 2022, and be sure to follow the links to our ACG Cup 2022 Details page to get all the latest developments of the current academic year's competition.



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About ACG Cup

ACG Cup is an intercollegiate competition among business school students from colleges and universities across the nation. Retaining and recruiting talent in West Michigan is a major objective of the Cup competition for ACG Western Michigan. Student participants will gain invaluable experience in a real-world context, receive feedback from leaders in the local business community, create networks, and compete for a cash prize. During competition, students analyze complex business cases and present strategies involving merger and acquisition alternatives, valuation, capital markets, finance options, and corporate strategy.

ACG CUP 2022: Looking ahead to next year's competition
ACG Western Michigan is known for bringing together a robust and diverse group of students representing teams from around our state. In 2022, the Western Michigan Chapter will again hold our ACG Cup competition via virtual platforms. We received great interest and participation from further afield for our ACG Cup 2021 event and we want to broaden our scope so much more! Be sure to go to our ACG Cup Details page HERE to learn about future ACG Cup programming.

A bit about what brought us here -- the uncertainties surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic necessitated a shift in the way many organizations experience the world. ACG Western Michigan's Board of Directors stood committed to ensuring the health, safety, and security of our members and guests by offering virtual programming and events through the end of 2020 and into the first part of 2021. As many schools and universities were balancing in-person and virtual instruction in the 2020-2021 academic year, our planners decided to move to a virtual competition to ease the burden on school decision-makers, ensure our teams could prepare and compete in a safe environment, and opened our competition to a greater audience. During the ACG Cup 2021 competition, our chapter reaped the benefits by welcoming 36 teams from 16 colleges and universities around the country. The experience we gained makes us even more excited about expanding the reach of future ACG Cup events to welcome new competitors to the scene!


For more information, visit the ACG Cup Details page here.


This event continues to flourish through the support of our Talent Sponsors.